The Steelpress products are developed from scratch in our company, starting from the idea, through the design up to a finished product. Creating a new product, our designers take into account requirements of the market and needs of customers.

In this tab, we put at your disposal the variety of most important issues concerning the operation and utilization of our products. If you have any other doubts of technical character, please send them directly to our Sales Department.


Claims are not a very nice thing, but an inseparable part of contacts between the seller and the buyer. To save time, speed up and shorten to the necessary minimum the claim submission process we propose to use our form:


  1. Fill out the following form.

  2. Send electronically to the address: or by traditional mail with the following note “QUALITY CONTROL DEPARTMENT”

  3. In the case of not acknowledging a claim within 14 days from the date of the report being received by the STEELPRESS Quality Control Department, you will receive an answer respectively electronically or by traditional mail.

NOTE: No answer to a correctly submitted claim shall be deemed as acknowledged.