Smart Growth (PO IR) is an Operational Program within the financial perspective – European Funds 2014-2020, which is the successor of the Operational Program Innovative Economy (OP IE), implemented in 2007-2013. The programme focuses on projects related to the building of a knowledge-based economy, a competitive science sector and effective business environment institutions enabling smart economic development of the country. The goals of the programme are:

  • Support of businesses in the sector of innovation and research,

  • Improving the quality of scientific research and development work,

  • Increasing the degree of adaptation of individuals to market economy conditions,

  • Increasing internationalization of research and development.

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Steelpress Ltd. is implementing a project co-financed by the European Funds “Implementation at Steelpress Ltd. a new technology for the manufacture of safe coupling heads, which is a part that attaches vehicle to trailer, to the markets of Europe and the USA “

The aim of the project is to implement a new innovative technology developed as a result of own research and development of the production of coupling heads for European markets made from steel sheet with thickness 2.5 – 6 mm and coupling heads for markets of North America (mainly USA) – so called. 2-inch coupling head. The complementary product will be a “repair kit” for 2-inch coupling heads.

The investment will contribute to Steelpress’s continued growth and competitiveness. The new technology was developed due to an industrial research made by Steelpress Ltd.. The technology was not either present anywhere or commercially used.

Project value: 2 358 505,02 zł

EU funding for the project: 825 476,76 zł