Steelpress quality policy is based on two key guidelines: user safety and the reliability and durability of the products. The first and absolute requirement, posed by company as a manufacturer, is full control over emerging products.

While implementing the objectives of Quality Policy as a formal, binding document, the company has set out three strategic activities connected with the production nature of the company and complementary areas including, among others, after sales service and technical support for a customer. Within the Quality Policy, the company’s president declares the development of a quality management system compliant with PN-EN ISO-9001.

Quality ISO 9001

In 2012, the company had certified the operating system in accordance with the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008. System approval certificate had been issued by the international certification organization Lloyd’s Registered Quality Assurance Limited. The system includes design and production of accessories for trailers and parts made by the methods of metals plastic forming.

We are pleased to inform that we have implemented the new ISO 9001 standard. From April 2018, Steelpress operates in accordance with the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015.


Quality RDW

The methods of quality assurance and control of coupling heads produced by Steelpress are also audited and certified by the RDW – an institution operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment in the Netherlands. RDW supervises the safety of vehicles and their components, as well as issues homologations, corresponding to the production of and placing the products that have a particular impact on transport safety, and on market.

Steelpress coupling heads are approved in accordance with the Regulations No. 55 of the UN Economic Commission for Europe ONZ (ECE R55). SPP coupling heads do not only meet, but also exceed its requirements. Here you can submit a request to receive a copy of the certificate.

SPP board latches and its counterparts are manufactured in accordance with the standard ZN-001: 2010.

Quality DEKRA

SPP coupling heads and board latches are the only ones on the market that are constantly monitored by this prestigious research unit – the German automotive institute DEKRA Automobil Test Center, guaranteeing the highest quality of the products.

Quality PIMOT

Steelpress products are also accredited by the Polish Automotive Industry institute PIMOT.