Our history

The company Steelpress was founded in 1967. Initially it functioned as a small family-run establishment for the metal finishing. Solid crafting experience, accurate performance and following the needs of the market quickly made the company become a known manufacturer for spare parts for trailers with nationwide operating range.

Since the mid-nineties, when Poland was opened for Western markets, Steelpress has started cooperation with foreign partners, gaining an extensive experience in international business relations. At the same time the need for greater productivity of the company increased, therefore, the company has been moved to Lubon, where larger area for production facility was available. In 1998 Steelpress has been transformed into a limited liability company.

Development and Investments

Constant, dynamic development of our company, started after the change of political system in Poland, continues untill today. Thanks to the long-term strategy of continuous development, a process of systematic expansion and modernization of Steelpress production plant has been taking place since then.

The current organizational structure of the company, as a result of its intensive development, combines the features of an international management model and the production nature of the company.

Administrative division includes:

  • The Board, supervising the functioning of the company entirely

  • Human Resources and Payroll, whose task is not only supervising the employee, but also recruitment in terms of development strategy of  Steelpress

  • Purchasing department that takes care of contacts with the best suppliers, ensuring the highest quality of raw materials

  • Sales and Marketing Department, which receives and completes your orders, cares for existing clients and looks for new customers

The total production area of the plant is now 6.500 m² and includes newly dedicated (in 2015) two-level production and warehouse hall with a total area of 2500 square meters and a height of up to 11 meters.

The development process of the company also includes the systematic expansion of administrative premises and its adapting to growing needs of the company. The number of employees now reaches 130 people.

An expansion into new markets constantly takes place as a part of intensive development process. Currently, the company exports its products to 36 countries, including the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Serbia and Belarus.

Company structure

Prestigious Partnerships

Prestigious partnership rank Steelpress among the best and reliable manufacturers in the industry.


Under the policy of social responsibility Steelpress promotes art, culture, and health-promoting activities